John Magna was born and raised in rural North Carolina. At an early age, he was surrounded by family that loved to read. He picked up his family’s habit and took it one step further by writing.

In the fourth grade, John Magna made his first attempt at writing. Everyone in the class was assigned to write a play and then over the course of a few weeks they would perform it. He wrote a play about monsters attacking Santa Clause, and a hero and heroine that saved the day. It was voted the best play in the class. The casting was not what John Magna expected, he wasn’t picked as the hero, and the cute girl that he liked wasn’t cast as the heroine, but it hooked him on writing anyway.

John Magna cut his teeth on comic books until he was nine or ten. His parents would buy him fifty from a used bookstore and he would have them read with a few hours. Due to a limited budget, he branched off and discovered novels and nonfiction. Along the same time, he found the mythology section at the elementary school library. By day, he would read the wonder and mysteries of the Norse and Greek heroes, gods, and goddesses. At night, he read mysteries, thrillers, general fiction, and his favorite genre fantasy.

Throughout high school and college John Magna continued writing and reading. He wrote lyrics for country and heavy metal songs, but the bands never materialized. He also wrote poetry for a class or two. When he wasn’t writing or in class, he devoured fantasy, thriller, mysteries, action and adventure novels, and the occasional mythology book.

After college, John Magna worked as a research chemist, a claims adjuster, various production and assembly jobs, and a bookstore until finally settling into IT work. On the off hours, he would write the occasional screenplay and attempted several novels.

John Magna quit writing several times along the way, but was always somehow drawn back to the craft. He would pick up the occasional how to book, read a new book by a favorite author, or stumble onto a new author. Eventually something would click or spark his interest, and he would begin writing again, which allowed him to finish his first book.

John Magna is a self-proclaimed information junkie, martial arts and anime enthusiast, occasional PC gamer, and dreamer.
Rogue Hunters is the first book in The Book of Mainyu Series.

John Magna currently lives in the American Southeast.

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