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About the Book

Gwendolyn nuzzled Vardr’s ear and whispered the reason she was sacrificing her soul.

“We’re not strong enough.”

When the Cataclysm occurred, magic returned to the Earth. It wasn’t alone.

Ancient gods, goddesses, saints, buddhas, and creatures awoke determined to make mankind realize their mistake of mislabeling history as myth. Those ancient deities sent orders from their plane of existence to those that had enough magical sense to realize they were no longer alone.

Some deities were not content ruling over their spiritual plane of existence, but wanted the material plane of Earth as well. Those deities either took over some slob’s body, destroying their soul, or used a great deal of their power to materialize on the Earth plane.

The remaining gods, goddesses, saints, and buddhas created the Celestial Court of Authority to combat the rogue gods. They sent their strongest followers to hunt them down.

Vardr and Gwendolyn used to work for the CCA until Gwendolyn paid the ultimate price.

Everything has a price.


As if Gwendolyn’s sacrifice was not enough, every time Vardr called on the runes, they demanded payment: his memories of the one he loved most.


Odin demanded compensation from Vardr for using power that didn’t belong to him.


What do you do when your wife sacrifices herself to protect you?


If you are Vardr, you hunt down the rogue gods responsible and make them bleed.

Hunting down an amped-up werewolf and an elite warrior that escaped from Valhalla through the streets of New Phoenix wasn’t in Vardr’s original plans, neither was tracking down missing fae.

Caught in an ancient war among deities, Vardr and his oddball team must succeed to prevent two rogue gods from being born and unleashed upon the Earth.


Series: The Book of Mainyu - Volume One
Genres: Fantasty Action & Adventure, Fantasy-Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Tags: action, action & adventure, adult, adventure, deities, deity, E-book, fantasy, god, goddess, goddesses, gods, magic, norse deities, paranormal, runes, series, supernatural, urban fantasy, wizards
Publisher: Ritari Press, LLC
Publication Year: 2017
Format: e-book
ASIN: B074W3F95P
ISBN: 9780998733500
List Price: Suggested Retail Price: $5.99 USD
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