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Evolution of a Back Cover Blurb

Wanted to share what goes into a backcover blurb. The old phrase “Writing is Rewriting” comes into serious play.

  • backcover first attempt

Except for the first and last examples, I only posted the results in multiples of five. (I doubt many would like to see all thirty-seven variations). From the abysmal to release ready blurb took about two months, lots of paper, and plenty of input from two beta readers. Their opinions were crucial. I was too close to the material and ready to burn the blurb to death with a match.

The blurb should convey an emotion that either the reader can sympathize or empathize with. The burb does not giveaway the story, but hopefully encourages curiosity. It’s not an easy thing to do.

I heard one author on YouTube say, “trying to write a blurb is like trying to extract a tooth with a spoon”.

I swear the blurb is the reason why my hair is thinning, but looking at other writers who have several books out and reading their experiences across the web they still feel the same about the back cover blurb.

My assumption. Crafting a blurb doesn’t get easier with practice. Trying to distill 70,000 to 150,000 words into a hundred words is tough. Think I’m going to get some a wig, bandages, and marshmallows, and them make some odd cackling noises. I’ve made a fire from the prior drafts and gonna roast up some marshmellows. It’s about all I can chew with so few teeth left.

Waves with a snaggle tooth grin…until next time.

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